DecoTex Design



Multiple functions acoustic comfort thermal protection light and intimacy management decoration

Low bulk for an efficient acoustic solution

Ideal solution when the areas configuration does not allow acoustic absorber on the ceiling and walls

Use as a curtain in front of a window or as a screen in front of a wall

Sliding panel mounting in an open space in front of glazing or in separation walls

Quick and easy to install without major work or stopping use of the building

These 3 types of acoustic blinds can be custom made to the specific criteria for your project

Blind functions and modularity

Vertical strips allow easy variation of light filtering and intimacy whilst retaining a large fabric surface that is useful for acoustic correction Ideal for large glazed openings

Roller blinds easy to handle low bulk and easy to adapt to all glazed area configurations They make a good projection screen Their acoustic efficiency varies depending on the proportion of fabric unrolled

Japanese walls ideal for creating intimate spaces whilst allowing light going through The easy to manipulate walls offer a vast number of combinations whilst guaranteeing a large quantity of fabric to correct the acoustics

The technical choice of fabric according to the desired priority function complementing the acoustics reducing light levels making a confidential space protecting from heat etc

The aesthetic choice of fabric colour and appearance

The style and decoration of the area