DecoTex Design



Ecofriendly absorbent compact felt

Stiffeners are fixed to the back of the panels to ensure their flatness They are perforated every 190mm to fix cables to suit the technical constraints of the ceiling ducts air conditioning etc

A system of adjustable cables in white or black allows you to change the heights add tempo to your ambiance and to blend with the decor making the panel more inconspicuous

SlimPanel is not only an acoustic panel it is also a decorative illuminated object Each format has been designed to create an optical halo phenomenon produced by the diffusion of bands of light giving the appearance of volume to the panel or the structure

Integrated into a wall Concept a functional SlimPanel becomes a decorative object that defines the space In an lot suspended from the ceiling the backlighting creates a soft and diffused indirect light bringing warmth to your interior

Each panel is fitted with a LED strip in the workshop with a heatsink guaranteeing an optimal lifespan With neutral white light and a suitable transformer the light panel suits a large number of spaces

For the islands the backlighting system is adapted to each configuration applicable for all colours except 9162 10 63 and 9162 10 51 ensuring easyuse and quick installation These functional and decorative solutions are delivered readytoinstall

SlimPanel Eclairage a range of 8 suspended panels with one or two 3000K 18W LED light stripsAll supplied with a suitable transformer a heat sink and a diffuser it is a readytoinstall longterm acoustic lighting solution

This option allows the lighting or cables slings or electric to be integrated in the 6 island formatsThis tailormade solution is produced to order in our production workshopAccording to the technical specifications given at the start of the project you benefit from a wide choiceof placements quantities and sizes of round lights from 70mm to 400mm The number of light fittings isnot limited however a study will be carried out in our workshop to guarantee the rigidity of the panel

The 100 polyester felt used as the absorbent is an ecodesigned material with many advantages

Circular economy contains 50 recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles

The panel made of calendered fibres obtains excellent acoustic results even for low thickness

Meets the strictest safety regulations fire rating B s2 d0

The SlimPanel acoustic panels are designed and assembled in France


Easycare and shock resistant The lifespan of the SlimPanel products means a costeffective solution for the project manager with reduced environmental impacts for the community