DecoTex Design



Ecofriendly absorbent compact felt

Each Concept is composed for a maximum of 3 layers of superimposed panels All separated by a 15mm plenumdesigned to improve the acoustics and add an optional LED backlighting system to create an impression of volume

It is a unique solution creating a unique ambiance

Personalise your project with a tailormade SlimPanel Concept combine the colours at will select the formats to suit the dimensions of your walls and create your signature wall to match your acoustic requirementsIlluminate it if you wish

Our team is here to help you throughout the project all the time adhering to the instructions for superimposing and hanging the panels

The 100 polyester felt used as the absorbent is an ecodesigned material with many advantages

Circular economy contains 50 recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles

The panel made of calendered fibres obtains excellent acoustic results even for low thickness

Meets the strictest safety regulations fire rating B s2 d0

The SlimPanel acoustic panels are designed and assembled in France


Easycare and shock resistant The lifespan of the SlimPanel products means a costeffective solution for the project manager with reduced environmental impacts for the community