DecoTex Design



Ecofriendly absorbent compact felt

Compact light and easy to install they are hung using 2 or 3 cables depending on the length ofthe panel The length of the cables can be adjusted to suit the architecture of the location and itsuse close to the ceiling or alternatively lowered to be closer to the sound source

The baffle is comprised of two pieces with a 35mm plenum between them to improve the acousticefficiency whilst reducing the overall dimensions of the baffle

The lit baffles have two uses bringing a light source and improving the acoustics in the room With the same format and dimensions as the standard version the lit baffle produces a neutral white 3000K light with a 18W power for the 1200 baffle or 35W for the 2200 baffle

The height is adjustable so that it can become closer to the sound source to improve the acoustics and the area to be lit

The 100 polyester felt used as the absorbent is an ecodesigned material with many advantages

Circular economy contains 50 recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles

The panel made of calendered fibres obtains excellent acoustic results even for low thickness

Meets the strictest safety regulations fire rating B s2 d0

The SlimPanel acoustic panels are designed and assembled in France


Easycare and shock resistant The lifespan of the SlimPanel products means a costeffective solution for the project manager with reduced environmental impacts for the community