DecoTex Design



Coated microperforated vinyl on acoustic feltlined backing w 025 NRC 025

Selected by the Technical Innovations Guide of the Moniteur Group this heavy duty technical acoustic wall covering designed by Texdecor has swiftly made its mark as one of the most effective solutions for acoustic and decorative problems found in public buildings Today it is acclaimed and specified by the majority of buyers and contracting owners

In 2017 Texdecor has added to the range with 2 new collections

These 2 collections make reference to the Japanese gardens and the architecture of the Katsura Imperial Villa a wallcovering made of fine plant slats plaited vertically which are used as the basis for decorating Japanese walls

It takes a fresh look at this traditional decor to create two unique ambiances

A matt colour tone on tone with subtle blends of coloured slubs creating a soft random vertical rhythm Available in a wide range of plant tones this wall covering creates a decor that is at once soft and colourful

The wallcovering is enriched with a delicately metallised lacquered finish overprinted on the ridges of plant plaiting This subtly glossy colour tone on tone reveals the delicacy of the structure both through contrasts and by catching the light This wall covering draped in its robe of light becomes luxurious It adds intensity to the wall and brightens up the room

Acoustic comfort is a problem that concerns all types of public establishments This acoustic and decorative wall covering is well suited for a wide range of uses such as

Multifamily residentials entrances and hallways for compliance with acoustic regulations NRA

Hotels lobbies lounges restaurants conference rooms headboard on an adjoining partition etc

Service industry meeting rooms conference rooms offices bank branches phone banks etc

Health care facilities public areas in retirement homes dining halls recreational areas etc

Event venues theatres banquet halls show rooms casinos etc

Private dwellings home theatres stairways dining rooms etc

Improves acoustic comfort

Noise reduction coefficient alpha W 025 NRC 025Meets NRA acoustic regulations requirements which set acoustic standards for multifamily residentials healthcare facilities educational establishments hotels and offices

Highly resistant to shock has a perfect finish

The seams are invisible thanks to the use of 640 gm of coredyed PVC for all colours Double induction and feltlined backing 35 mm thick 250 gm absorb shocks without altering the coverings highly

resistant surface The most durable of all acoustic wallcoverings designed for heavyduty use

Easy to maintain hygienic

Super washablebrushable antimicrobial Biopruf treatment available on request

Microperforations allow the wall to breathe

A costeffective solution

Noise reduction and decoration provided by a single covering

May offset the need for an acoustic ceiling often unsightly

Quick installation simplified wall preparation

Thanks to its thickness 35 mm and very supple feltlined backing

Extra wide 130 cm

Simple edge to edge handing Instruction video available


Designs printed using solventfree waterbased inks

OekoTex 100 certification

Energy saving thanks to its thermal resistance prevents cold walls and thermal bridges